Collaboration Software for Sales Teams

Increase team productivity and efficiency with the right tools

Team Management Software

Create unlimited teams and get the tools you need to collaborate and stay connected with your team no matter where you are

Team Views

Collaborate with your team using Team Views. Find out what your team is working on and back each other up during busy times or when a team member is on vacation

Team Management
Tasks and Meetings

Task Scheduling & Meeting Management

Use tasks and meetings to stay on top of your deals. Assign tasks, set deadlines, schedule meetings, and seamlessly sync with your Outlook and Google Calendar

Tasks and Meetings

Collaborate with your team with Tasks. Assign tasks to yourself or a team member and track them through to completion. Set deadlines, snooze tasks, and sync them with Outlook or Google Calendar


Schedule calls and meetings with your contacts to drive sales. Attach meetings to deals and contacts and sync them with Outlook or Google Calendar

User Onboarding

It’s easy to onboard members into your team. Use the bulk onboarding feature to welcome new users and assign accounts and tasks to them

Team Views

Account Management System

Assign an Account Manager to a customer record and follow the customer record to get regular updates. View conversations, pending tasks, and active deals with the customer

Mobile and Tablet Access

Access CreamSoda account from anywhere using your mobile, tablet, or desktop and get access to the same user experience and features


Available in Five Languages

Your team can access CreamSoda in the language of their choice. CreamSoda supports English, French, German, Spanish, and Dutch


Work Smarter with CreamSoda

14-day Free trial. Full access. No credit card required.