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Reach out to the masses, gather effective leads, and manage sales pipelines seamlessly – end-to-end sales tracking, customer analysis, and so much more offered by our one-stop sales solution.

CreamSoda - Customizable Sales Pipeline

Sales Management

CreamSoda enables you to manage your sales seamlessly by designing your workflows using pipelines. Get notified at every step of the process, analyze your conversations, learn from your mistakes, and gauge customers’ feedback to optimize your conversion rate. We facilitate you to gain complete visibility of your sales cycle from leads to satisfied customers.

Sales Pipeline
Sales Graph

Sales Tracking

CreamSoda enables you to track your sales and calculate profit margins without any hassle. We help you analyze your performance metrics and pave the way for you to achieve your sales targets. Our sales management solution gives you complete visibility of the revenue and costs incurred – bringing you one step closer to your milestones. 

Collaboration with Sales Teams

With CreamSoda, you can create unlimited sales teams and facilitate collaboration seamlessly. Gain complete visibility of what your team is working on and manage their tasks without any hassle. We provide all the right tools to ensure effective communication not only among sales teams but also with clients. Further, you can manage teams on the go and collaborate via Team Views.

Team Collaboration
Lead Form

Lead Generation

Gather promising leads and prospects via our fully customizable lead generation forms. Use one of our ready-to-use templates or create one from scratch. Start capturing leads from your website, social media page, groups, and other online communities. Our lead generation forms can be easily uploaded on your site or embedded in your social media posts. Our sales management solution automatically syncs your data with our database and creates contact records in your CreamSoda account.

Work Smarter with CreamSoda

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Mass Outreach

CreamSoda enables you to reach out to the masses hassle-free. With CreamSoda, you can send marketing emails in bulk – gathering prospects for future offers. All you have to do is export desired contact list and we’ll take care of the rest. We facilitate your lead nurturing process – enabling you to keep your leads engaged through enticing deals and offers which in turn brings you one step closer to conversion.

Email Marketing
Contact Management

Account Management

CreamSoda makes it easy to add new members to your sales teams and assign accounts for seamless management of your sales workflows. Once a customer record is assigned to an account manager, you start receiving updates regarding active or potential deals with the customer(s). Our system gives you complete visibility of activities from tasks to conversions – keeping you updated at every step of the process.

Conversation Tracking

Tracking conversations is effortless with CreamSoda. Our solution enables you to gather insights from conversions associated with an account or customer record. You can access emails exchanged between a customer and your sales representatives, minutes of meetings scheduled, phone conversations, and notes to get a glimpse of how your sales teams are managing the prospects.

Deal Conversations
Dashboard and Reports

Become Data-Driven

Not only do we help you track conversations, we facilitate you to analyze them and make data-driven decisions. Our sales management solution brings AI into action – analyzing conversations in multiple languages. This helps you find dissatisfied customers and dwindling customer relationships to take swift actions for the better. Our algorithm is GDPR and Canadian PIPEDA compliant because we care about your privacy as much as you do.

Work Smarter with CreamSoda

14-day Free trial. Full access. No credit card required.