Sales Pipeline Software

Manage outreach campaigns, gather leads, nurture them, and start closing sales effortlessly – CreamSoda is the ultimate solution to manage the sales pipeline without hopping on to different tools.

CreamSoda - Customizable Sales Pipeline

Outreach Campaigns

CreamSoda enables you to design and execute bulk outreach campaigns to collect leads without any hassle. Choose from a variety of ready-to-use email templates or create one from scratch that’s best suited to your needs. CreamSoda syncs with MailChimp in real-time – enabling you to access thousands of targeted leads with a single click. Send them an offer they can’t refuse and proceed your way up in the sales pipeline.

Email Marketing
Tasks and Meetings

Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings with leads that have moved beyond the initial prospecting and lead qualification process. Always be on time as CreamSoda automatically syncs with your calendar – sending you updates about upcoming meetings and events. You can also delegate a meeting’s responsibility to your brilliant sales representatives by creating a task and assigning it to your team.

Effortless Purchase Quotes Management

Leave no money on the table. Track unlimited quotes received from suppliers and source your purchases cheaper than the competition. CreamSoda gives you a side-by-side quote comparison – facilitating you to manage sales and purchase quotes seamlessly.

Purchased Deals
Sales and Purchase Pipelines

Seamless Sales Quotes Management

CreamSoda enables you to create unlimited sales quotes in multiple currencies – giving you an option to list prices by unit, weight, volume, dimension, or time. Find how your current sales quote compares with the last purchase of your customer and offer them the best prices hassle-free.

Work Smarter with CreamSoda

14-day Free trial. Full access. No credit card required.

Track Communication

Gain complete visibility and control over your workflows. CreamSoda enables you to track all modes of communication – emails, phone calls, and conversations on a timeline view without compromising the privacy or security of your clients.

Deal Conversations
Chat History

Know Your Customer

Gain in-depth insights from conversations (emails, meeting minutes, telephonic conversations, internal notes, and more) – explore the preferences of your current and potential clients. CreamSoda’s powerful AI facilitates you to understand the needs of your customers and analyzes their conversations in multiple languages to help you explore compromised relationships.

Set Things on Autopilot

Automate your menial work and focus on things that matter the most. CreamSoda enables you to automate the tedious process of data entry – enabling you to process queries in the blink of an eye. Our solution currently supports limited industries, though, we are striving to scale this functionality. If you wish to benefit from this feature, feel free to let us know.

Automated Data Entry
Dashboard and Reports

Data Analytics & Reporting

Get the bird’s view of your sales operations. CreamSoda gives you a detailed overview of total purchase/sales information, revenue, cost, and profitability – illustrated in visually stunning dashboards. The tool gives you complete freedom to segment data to view individual or team-wise performance. Furthermore, you can also filter the data by a date range to track your progress over the years.

Work Smarter with CreamSoda

14-day Free trial. Full access. No credit card required.