Quote Management Software for Sales and Purchases

Improve profit margins and be more competitive

Quote Management

Do you use sales or purchasing quotes in your business? Manage quotes using our comprehensive quote management and tracking functionality

Offer Tracking
Sales Quote

Create unlimited sales quotes for your customers in multiple currencies. Have the option to quote prices by unit, weight, volume, dimension, or time

Purchase Quote

Track unlimited purchase quotes received from your suppliers. You have the option to track prices by unit, weight, volume, dimension, or time

Offer Tracking
Price Comparison

Quote Comparison

Don’t leave money on the table when you sell. Get the best price when you purchase

Sales Quote

Find out how your sales quote compares with similar quotes created by your team. Identify the last purchase price of the customer

Purchase Quote

Find out the lowest price for a product you want to buy. Determine the price point at which you should start your negotiation

Side-by-side Quote Comparison

Compare multiple quotes side-by-side. Visually identify the best prices

Automated Data Entry

We understand that data entry can be tedious. This is why we support automated quote data entry. We currently support seafood products. If you need this feature, please let us know

Automated Data Entry

Product Management

Manage your products and get access to a comprehensive list of pack sizes. Maintain product pictures and documents in one place

Document Management System

Store and attach documents and contracts to your quotes. Get access to documents when you need them

Custom Fields

Allow your team to track the information needed for a sales or purchase quote

Custom Properties
Required Fields

Collect critical information for your business using required fields

Prioritized Fields

Never miss important information by placing important them on the top

Help Text

Improve the accuracy of the information you collect using Help text. Help text reminds your team what information to save

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