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CreamSoda - Customizable Sales Pipeline

Pipeline Management

Create unlimited, customizable pipelines based on your workflow to track and manage deals as they move through the deal stages

Sales and Purchase Pipelines
Sales Pipeline

Design your sales workflow using pipelines. Track and manage your deal as it moves through your deal stages until it is won or until the product is delivered

Purchase Pipeline

Create your purchasing workflow using pipelines. Manage purchases and get notified about deadlines and delays on a visual board

Sales and Purchase Pipelines
Purchased Deals

Deal Management

Manage deals on a visual board that keeps track of all deadlines, tasks, and delays and notifies you when something needs your attention

Sales Deal

Manage deals as you move them through the deal stages and get notified when a deal needs your attention. Track emails, conversations, tasks, and documents related to the deal from the deal view

Purchase Deal

Manage purchase deals on a visual board and get a notification when a deal is getting delayed. Track all data relevant to the deal, including documentation, conversation, and emails from the deal view

Order Management

Create unlimited, customizable visual boards to track and manage orders from the time it is closed until it is delivered. Get notified about shipment or delivery delays and track documents from the deal view

Sales Dashboard and Profitability Analysis

Track your deal profitability on a visual dashboard

Profitability & Cost
Sales Deal

View the profit margin on a deal to see if you are hitting your sales target. Keep a tab on your deal costs

Purchase Deal

Keep a tab on your expenses and track itemized costs for your purchase on a visual dashboard

Profitability & Cost
Deal Conversations

Conversation Insights & Email Tracking

Access emails, phone calls, and conversations on a timeline view

Deal Conversations
Email Tracking

Automatically link emails to contact records and access them on a timeline view along with other deal conversations

Likeability score

Use AI to rank customer happiness and focus on customers that need your attention

Custom Fields

Allow your team to record the information needed to move deals forward

Custom Properties - Deals and Shipment
Required Fields

Collect critical information for your business using required fields

Prioritized Fields

Never miss important information by placing important them on the top

Help Text

Improve the accuracy of the information you collect using Help text. Help text reminds your team what information to save

Custom Properties - Deals and Shipment

Document Management System

Store and attach documents and contracts to the deal. Get access to documents when you need them


Manage products, including documents, such as spec sheets and pictures. Access a wide variety of pack sizes if your product needs one

Lead Form

Lead Generation Forms

Add prospects directly from your website into CreamSoda

Import Deals and Contacts

Import deals, contacts and products from a spreadsheet with the click of a button

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