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Sell more by sending targeted offers to potential and existing customers

Targeted Email Campaigns

Send targeted offers to customers by exporting highly targeted contact list to Mailchimp

Targeted Customer List

Generate targeted contact list using CreamSoda’s powerful Graph and Hashtag Search functionality. Do you want to send an offer to all customers with Hashtags #Salmon and #FoodService and a deal value of USD 100,000 in the last year? It takes less than 5 seconds to create this list and export to Mailchimp!

Email list auto-sync

CreamSoda will ensure that your Mailchimp email campaign list is always updated if you let us know which search term you would like to sync. CreamSoda will automatically sync the contact list generated by this search term with your Mailchimp account so that you can just focus on sending offers knowing that your email campaign list is never stale

Copy to Clipboard

Copy the offers you want for your email campaign with one click

Email Integration

Access your Outlook, Office 365 or Google for Work email right from CreamSoda. Send offers or emails to a customer and track when your email was viewed

Track Email Views

Track email views to customers and find out when and how many times they have opened it. This feature is only applicable for recipient countries, where email tracking is allowed

Automatically link contact emails you receive from customers to their contact profile and record meeting minutes and phone conversation details. View these conversations in a timeline view so that you have all the information you need to manage the relationship. Set privacy rules to define which emails are synced and who can view them

Link sent or received emails to a deal to track all conversation for a deal in one place. Access email attachments and content from CreamSoda. Set privacy rules to define who can view these emails

Email Templates

Create unlimited email templates based on the types of emails you send. Whether it is an introductory email or an offer that you want to send out to a customer, specify one or more addresses in the To, CC or BCC fields to never miss keeping a team member on the loop

Group Email

Specify a group of suppliers in the To, CC or BCC field of your email template to send out requests to all

Likeability Score

Our AI-powered algorithm automatically analyses every contact conversation in multiple languages and uncovers relationships you need to focus on. Create targeted email campaigns using Mailchimp to improve relationships with high-value customers. Our AI algorithm respects privacy laws and are GDPR and Canadian PIPEDA compliant

Unhappy Customer Alert

CreamSoda automatically analyses incoming emails and alerts you of any unhappy customer for immediate attention

Powerful Search & Insights

Use the search function to pinpoint any person, company, deal, offer or product record. Do you want to send an offer to all customers with a deal value over USD 180,000 that has been closed in the last 30 days? It takes less than 5 seconds to create this list and export to Mailchimp!

Use the keyword search to easily find any person, company, deal, offer or product. Get access to frequently used information, such as phone numbers, email addresses and likeability scores right from the search result. You can also customize the results to add more fields of your choice

Use the Hashtag feature to group contacts into various segments. For example, use the #Supplier and #Customer hashtags to segregate your contact list and their preferences. Search for one or more hashtags to pinpoint a target group

Do you need to find all deals you closed with Acme Inc. in the last year, where the deal value was more than USD 100,000? It takes less than 5 seconds to create such a list. The graph search feature is a powerful yet easy search mechanism that allows you to search multiple fields across related resources to create a highly targeted list

Custom Fields

Need to capture data tailored to your business? Create unlimited custom data fields. Get access to customizable text boxes, smart auto-complete lists and more

Help Text

Improve the accuracy of your data by providing a help text for each data field so that your team knows exactly what information to include

Required fields

Required fields ensure that your team records information important to your business

Prioritized fields

Display important fields at the top to ensure that you can focus on information that matters the most

Multiple field types

Choose from a list of field types to easily capture your unique data fields. Use currency fields, time range, smart selection lists, address boxes and much more


Use the history tracker in a unified timeline view to see all the changes made to a contact, deal or offer record. Find out what changes were to the profile and who made those changes for effective customer relationship management

Chat History

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