Sales Funnel Software

Having a sales funnel software can help you automate the movement of the prospect down the buying path.

CreamSoda - Customizable Sales Pipeline

CRM Features

CRM system is an important feature in a quality sales funnel software. Through this, you can automate the process that leads go through before turning into a sale. Lead capture, list segmentation, lead scoring, lead prioritization, and distribution are some of the best features of CRM system.

You can assign leads based on their urgency and the action required on them. This way, you can easily manage your sales team and make sure that your leads are being taken care of. Having this feature really helps in narrowing down the focus to one goal – making sales..

Offer Tracking
Price Comparison


Cream Soda supports integration with other business tools which is a handy feature. Instead of having the hassle of using many tools in different places, this integration puts all tools in one place and makes it easier for you to manage.

You can integrate our sales funnel software with GSuite, Outlook, MailChimp, Office 365 and Calendar. Cream Soda is perfectly compatible with all these business tools that help make your business process easier.

Now you don’t have to replace any of your favorite tools, rather just have them all in one place and enjoy seamless integration.

Built-In Sales Email Tool

One of the most important features that a sales funnel software should have, is email. Cream Soda allows you to use your work email within the software. You can send targeted emails to your leads with the help of MailChimp.

Further, our sales funnel software will allow you to track the emails as they get sent to customers and also get notified when they view your email.

All emails can be linked to specific deals that can help you keep all conversations regarding specific deals in one place along with privacy regarding who can view them.

Automated Data Entry

Work Smarter with CreamSoda

14-day Free trial. Full access. No credit card required.

Mobile Friendly

Cell phones are extremely important these days because many tools can be used as a mobile app. Keeping this in mind, Cream Soda is mobile friendly and available in English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch. You will get the same experience in your mobile as you do in your desktop and tablet.

Sometimes, using mobile phones can help in saving time and it can be a good option to have in an emergency.  You can access our sales funnel software from anywhere through your mobile and stay connected with your customers wherever you go.

Ease of Use

All of your marketing and sales challenges will be resolved through our sales funnel software. It is extremely easy to use and get started. For your ease, there are tutorial videos available that can guide you as you start your journey with Cream Soda. Further, you will get free customer service for any questions or concerns that you might have. Lastly, there is a 14-day free trial available for you to get familiar with our tool and help you in making the decision.

Work Smarter with CreamSoda

14-day Free trial. Full access. No credit card required.