Sales Tracking Software

Sales tracking software sounds pretty handy, right? Check out the features that you get with Cream Soda. 

CreamSoda - Customizable Sales Pipeline

Track Your Leads

Cream Soda is a sales tracking software that helps you stay on top of your leads. Having new leads and maintaining them is always a priority of every business. You can store important information about your leads in your pipeline. 

Leads information such as their names, companies, industries, interests and budget are all stored in our sales tracking software.You would also like to know which platform is the most effective in terms of obtaining leads. Did you approach them through cold emails or did you reach out to them through social media platforms. 

These details are necessary to come up with an effective sales strategy in the future. These features will allow you to have the information that you need to close deals.

Contact Management

Forecast Sales

Many business decisions rely on accurate sales forecasting since they help in predicting performance and also assist in utilizing organizational resources appropriately. Companies often make minor mistakes in sales forecasting and lose a big chunk of profits as a result. 

Our sales tracking software helps in forecasting sales accurately based on the past trends. Reviewing past and current sales records allows the tool to come up with future sales with the maximum amount of accuracy. Cream Soda will help you avoid inaccurate sales forecasting.

Activity Reports

We understand the need to catalog your sales activities because just tracking leads isn’t enough. It is important to check the activities resulting in leads success on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Having an activity report allows you to check communication with a lead and the channel used to communicate such as phone, text, email etc. 

Using this information you can pinpoint the most effective way to communicate with your leads and update your sales approach accordingly. Sales strategies updated through activity reports will lead to higher and effective performance.

Team Views

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Dashboard and Reports

Loss Reports

Loss reports are helpful for your business because they let you see the reason for losses. Even though it is not easy to look at loss reports, you need to study the number in order to find out the reason you are not able to finalize deals. 

Our sales tracking software will help you in improving your selling approach through in depth loss reports so you can avoid repeating strategies that don’t work for your business. Also, these numbers will come in handy when you are doing sales forecasting for a month, quarter or year.

Funnel Reports

You can check the funnel reports in real time in order to find out important details about leads getting stuck in the pipeline or about how close your leads are to a sale. A sales tracking software will allow  you to devise strategies that work for you and also to track new opportunities in the visual pipeline.

Sales and Purchase Pipelines
Sales Pipeline

Won Opportunities

This information is crucial for every business because it helps you track your won opportunities in a month, year or quarter. These won opportunities can guide your future strategies as you now have information on what ready works for you.

Work Smarter with CreamSoda

14-day Free trial. Full access. No credit card required.