Inside Sales Software

A feature-rich solution that helps you nurture leads, manage sales, track conversions, scale, and make data-driven decisions – in-house and on-the-go.

Inside Sales On-the-Go

We understand that mobile access is mandatory in order to sell actively without any hassle. CreamSoda is an online inside sales solution that is compatible with all leading devices and operating systems – facilitating your access to the leads and inside sales workflows on-the-go. You can access your CRM from anywhere in the world – all you need is a device of your choosing and an internet connection.

Customer Relationships
Deal Management
Team Collaboration

Remote Team Management

Assign tasks remotely and manage your team performance without any hassle. Gain complete visibility of operations and manage your team’s schedule – including leaves. CreamSoda makes scalability seamless – enabling you to create unlimited teams, onboard representatives, and manage accounts. Our solution facilitates you to collaborate with your sales teams on-the-go via Team Views – connecting you with your teams virtually.


CreamSoda is an easy-to-use solution for inside sales. We enable you to onboard members in your sales team and manage accounts without any hassle. CreamSoda is a web-based platform that caters to all your sales management, tracking, and reporting needs on-the-go. Our inside sales software can be accessed via mobile, tablet, or desktop – making it easier for you to manage your sales workflows remotely from anywhere in the world.

Team Views
Automated Data Entry

Reduces Menial Work

Inside sales often require a lot of menial work in form of data entry – meeting notes with clients, quote data, and other valuable information that needs to be entered into the system for future reference. CreamSoda reduces your menial work – saving the time incurred on data entry so you can focus on closing more sales. Our system supports automated quote data entry and other useful information that’s helpful for inside sales management.

Work Smarter with CreamSoda

14-day Free trial. Full access. No credit card required.

Lead Generation

Capture leads from visitors landing on your website or social media page. CreamSoda helps you create custom lead forms that are GDPR and Canadian PIPEDA compliant. You can embed these forms in your social media posts or add them to your site and add prospects automatically to your database. Our system syncs your inside sales leads with your Mailchimp account in real-time to facilitate mass outreach campaigns.

Lead Form
Pending Tasks & Events

Scheduling & Management

Inside sales often require back-and-forth telephonic conversations, online interactions, and personal meetings. Our solution comes in handy – facilitating you to schedule calls or meetings with clients who want to have an up-close and personal before making a decision. All scheduled events are automatically synced with your calendar and the system notifies you of an upcoming event so you never miss a call or a meeting.

Know Your Customer

Customer behavior changes over time. You need to constantly monitor their preferences in order to acknowledge customer satisfaction and lasting relationships. CreamSoda helps you to dive deep into analytics and know what your customers want – facilitating you to gain meaningful insights from customer emails, meeting minutes, phone conversations, and notes created by your sales teams. Our AI helps you analyze conversations in different languages keeping your customers’ privacy intact. 

Deal Conversations
Dashboard and Reports

Visually Stunning Dashboards

Gain complete visibility of your performance metrics representing inside sales workflows. Our dashboards help you dive deep into customers’ data and gather insights about profitability, revenue, costs, and purchase information team-wise and across the board. There’s a wide range of filter options that come in handy to sort the data including the date filter – facilitating you to compare your current performance with last year.

Work Smarter with CreamSoda

14-day Free trial. Full access. No credit card required.