Top 8 Sales Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate

Landing pages are one of the most important components of your site. They act as essential components to fuel your inbound marketing strategy. Landing page optimization is one of the biggest challenges for marketing professionals. With a properly optimized landing page, it is possible to increase your conversion rate from a single to a double-digit percentage. Here are a few tips on how to best optimize your landing pages to improve the conversion rates

1. The Power of CTAs

Expert techniques for designing CTAs - 99designs

Landing pages don’t often focus on the single goal or action they’re created for. Most of the website pages – built for conversion purposes – don’t even contain CTA (Call to Action). A call to action helps a user navigate the solution promoted by the page – making it convenient to access.

The absence of CTA from a landing page defeats the entire purpose of creating a landing page in the first place. A CTA has a significant impact on the lead capturing or sales process and has the power to boost your conversion rate substantially.

Here are a few things to consider when it comes to Call to Actions:

Color: Make sure that the color of the CTA is in contrast to the theme or background of the page. Just enough to stand out. The colors that usually work the best are blue, orange, and green.

Size: The button shouldn’t be small or too large. It should just be the right size for users to see it clearly and visibly. Using smaller or larger CTAs can be disastrous for your landing page. Additionally, it should also adhere to the layout of the page.

Message: A CTA should contain a precise and direct message – promoting a solution that’s best suited for their needs.

Placement: CTA placement plays a key role in maximizing conversions. Digital marketers often use a data-driven approach to find out sections of your page grabbing visitors’ attention for CTA placement.

2. Using Straightforward Headlines

The reader is unlikely to read every word on the page, but they will almost certainly read the headlines. You should revise and test your headline copy to ensure that it is attention-grabbing, clear, SEO-optimized, and accurately summarises your value proposition.

3. Use Flowing Text Content

Use your landing page content to get to the point and tell your visitors what they can expect. To satisfy them about what they were seeking, it must be real and flowing. For a higher rate of conversions, the page has to have convincing and genuine content to lead them to convert. 

Additionally, including an FAQ section to eliminate any doubts and address queries also works well on landing pages. This eliminates the need for visitors to rethink their decisions or look elsewhere for more information.

4. Using the Right Images

As important as the content is for your landing page, images are also. The images used in the landing page should resonate with your copy and must be incorporated after each touchpoint. Images add a visual appeal to your page and work as a perfect splitter for a content-heavy page. 

Being in sync with the content is perhaps the most important point so that the user doesn’t skip over the content. Paired with the right kind of content images might lead to a conversion.

5. Highlight the Value Proposition

Value Proposition - RIKON

The customers should have something to look forward to with the offer they’re getting. The value proposition offered by the page should be something unique and extraordinary to get their attention in exchange for opting in. Uber’s landing page is the perfect example here: 

They manage to get people to sign up as drivers in exchange for freedom from bosses, better salary packages, and flexible working hours. The point here is you need to make the visitor relate to the CTA and create a sense of urgency or relief after clicking the call to action.

6. Load Time

5 Simple Tricks To Increase Landing Page Load Time

If your landing page isn’t optimized for the load time, all other optimization efforts will go to waste. The person visiting your landing page would exit the page if it takes more than 10 seconds in the first place. So, it doesn’t matter how beautifully it’s been drafted or strategically the CTAs are placed, if the page doesn’t load within due time, the rest doesn’t matter. 

Google PageSpeed Insights can help you with load time optimization and come in handy in suggesting the changes for your pages. The load time of your page affects its SERP rankings as well. It is preferred to resolve all difficulties. It highlights the issues with landing page loading times.

7. Mobile-Friendly Pages

7 Reasons Why You Need A Mobile-Friendly Website

With over 3.5 billion people using smartphones worldwide, landing pages must be mobile-friendly for optimal conversions. Most people use their phones to browse the web and sign up for services on the go. However, not every company understands the significance of optimizing its pages for a seamless mobile surfing experience.

What fits on a computer display may not render correctly on a smartphone – resulting in an unpleasant user experience. Your copy that is ideal for pages opened on the PC could be too long for mobile. So, it is imperative to optimize your landing pages for PC as well as mobile devices for a seamless user experience.

8. A/B Testing 

A/B testing refers to the data-driven approach of creating different versions of a landing page to test which one works best. A/B testing is a technique that involves changing one element on your landing page or many for other variations of the page – comparing them on performance parameters. These changes can be anything, placement of a CTA, the color of a CTA, size variation, different copy, and so on. This is a handy technique for marketers to optimize their landing pages based on data rather than their intuition or gut feeling.

Final Words

Conversion rate optimization is an ongoing game. You should always be monitoring the change in industry dynamics and observe what causes the rise in sales or leads. In this article, we talked about the top 8 tips that may come in handy in helping you optimize the conversion rate of your landing pages. To sum it all up, we would like to suggest one of the best practices when it comes to conversion optimization – and that is continuous learning and implementation of new ideas to see which one works best.